Cirque Vancouver - Event Quote Sheet

If you need more information to answer these questions, refer back to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact us at 

Quote Sheet: Please tell us about your planned event.

What type of acts would you prefer

How many performers

How many acts?

How high is the ceiling? (We have to choreograph our acts to the height of the ceiling.)

Does the ceiling have a rigging point?

If your ceiling is less than 22 feet: does the facility have a ladder that we can use or do we need to bring our own?

If the ceiling is greater than 22 feet: does the facility have a scissor lift that we can use?

Do you have a specific piece of music that you would like us to choreograph our act to?

Do you have a specific type of costume in mind?

Is there a specific colour of silk that you would like to perform on?

What type of event is this?


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