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Aerial Silks involves climbing a special type of fabric that is hung 

from a rigging point certified by a qualified rigger or engineer and hung by a qualified rigger.

This is the individual website for Aerial Circus performer Cori Woolfe.

Cirque means Circus in French. Since many people associate the French word with New Circus Arts, which include aerial silks (tissu), trapeze and aerial hoop (Lyra), to name a few of the aerial arts, this seemed the most appropriate name!

A solo Aerial Performance involves many people behind the scenes who make the performance possible. A rigger is required to set up or install the equipment safely in the ceiling. It also requires one or more people on the ground, during the performance to make sure that the area is clear under the performer.

We can travel to other locations to perform. Find out more information about Events. 

Corporate Performances can be arranged for a solo act.

Cori is also the Artistic Director of the The Circus Aerials Society. 


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