Cirque Vancouver - Aerial Hoop or Cerceau

Aerial Hoop (Also called Lyra or Cerceau) 

Aerial Hoop or Aerial Lyra or Cerceau

Aerial Hoop is also called Aerial Lyra or Cerceau aérien in French. We sometimes call it Cerceau in English as well. Cerceau is can be a solid metal hoop or sometimes it made from hollow aluminum. It can have one point or two. Generally, we do not require as much height to perform on hoop as we do on silks but we need at least 14 feet. When we perform on the hoop we usually spin. Sometimes an aerialist will be pulled up and down in the air, while on the hoop. It is exciting and entertaining to watch. Like figure skaters, we don't get sick from spinning. The hoop can be very painful but we don't want you to know that.


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