Cirque Vancouver Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a performance cost?

Cost depends on a few factors. An aerial performance is very 
different from one on the ground. Each performance is 
unique because of the way we interact with the space we 
are in.
The most significant cost for an aerial performance is the 
"rigging". This is the cost and time involved in ascertaining 
if your venue has a place in the ceiling, where we can hang 
our apparatus and the cost and time involved in hanging the 
apparatus for your event and taking it down again 
Cost will also depend on what you have in mind for the 
performance; things like the number of performers, the 
number of acts, the duration of the acts, the costuming and 
if we are performing to one of our set routines or if you have 
something specific in mind in terms of costumes, music and 
type of performance.
To request a quote, see our Circus Performance Quote sheet.

How do I find out if there is a rigging point in the ceiling of 
the venue?

Ask the people at your venue if there is a "load bearing 
point" in the ceiling and what it is rated for. In other words, 
how many pounds it can safely hold. You can also ask if 
there an accessible structural beam in the ceiling. We will 
have to do a site inspection with our rigger to confirm if we 
can rig in your venue but this is a good start.

How long is a performance?

That depends on the number of performers and what type of 
performance it is. Most of our solo or duet set routines are 
done to a specific piece of music and most songs are 4 to 8 
minutes long. However, we can choreograph an act for a 
specific amount of time that will meet the needs of your 
event and your budget.

Can you do an aerial performance if there isn't a place in 
the ceiling for your apparatus?

If your event requires a portable rig please contact
The Circus Aerials Society

How high does the ceiling have to be?

Generally speaking, the higher the better. The more height 
that we have, the more spectacular drops and roll downs we 
can do. We can do some wonderful hoop, silks and dance 
trapeze acts in a space as low as 12 feet but 26 feet is our 
favourite height for our aerial silks performances.
We can do our hand to hand (acro-yogo) act in a ceiling 
height of 8 feet without any aerial apparatatus.

How much floor space do you need under you?

Again, that depends on the performance and apparatus we 
are performing on. We climb up and down the fabric and do 
drops within feet of the floor on the silks. A footprint of 8 
feet by 8 feet underneath each piece of equipment works 
well but it can vary with the apparatus, performance and 
number of performers. For example, we could be suspended 
above your guests if there is another way for us to get up and 

Where are you located?

We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We 
are also happy to discuss travelling to your location, if you 
are outside of the lower mainland!

What's the next step?

Send us an e-mail  so we can find out more about what you 
would like for a performance


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